Red Flood

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Authors: Drion, Natehan, Rapop101, coconuts, BabaYagaDeux

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W…Where is the old page?
We sadly had to switch pages, this is our new official page.
Good news are: We released our new 1.8 Update!
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Welcome to Red Flood

The Great War rent an entire generation, boys as young as seven faced the wrack and lead in the fields of No Man’s Land and for what? For a peace that was never even realised. Those who were left turned away from the hopeless present towards something far greater: in the British isles, they turned to what they had; in the German heartland, they turned to what they could have; and in the French cities, they turned to what they could only dream of having.

Red Flood is an alternative history that looks at a world where the post-war peace was never a reality, leading to a scenario in which the centuries old balance of power has been destroyed and those left in its rubble must decide to rebuild what they once held or race on to a brighter future.

The vast and insane world of Red Flood will allow you to explore the Futurist State in France, The Marxist Revolution in Germany, The Struggling Empire of Britain and much much more.

  • Unique Focus Trees For: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Fiume, Austria, Madagascar, Japan, Anhui, Imperial Authority, Russia, USA (WIP), Brazil (WIP), Montanegro and The Prussian Congo
  • A new and interesting world with deep lore and tons of new and bizzare contents and ideas to explore!
  • A completely new world map with remade shading and many new nations all across the globe.
  • 12 new and unique ideologies, with 34 new subideologies, including Libertarian Marxism, Futurism, Technocracy and more!
  • Completely custom Focus Tree Icons, as well as many custom portraits, and 400+ generic portraits.

  • We aim to expand upon and add content to each nation on the map. Prussia, Israel, Russia, Africa and East Asia have been publicly announced to be expanded upon in the future.
  • Post-War Content
  • Many more flavour events and content for all nations.
  • More content for the Americas, East Asia and Africa.
  • Achieving better and more perfected game balance.
  • We of course want to fix any and all bugs we will come across.

Head Admin: Nathan12479

Our amazing Red Flood team:

Nathan12479, Rapop, Drion, Baba Yaga Deux, FireIzzle, Ariel, Stalin Kun, Darkneon, Jeeamf, Sunny KarlRex13, Bear, Points, Transhumanist-Viking, Abbus, Halvor, ???,Caveman, David Cameron, Despotic Anglo, Fin, Gukpard, Human Supremacist, Integralist, Irish Girl, Jarl Aino, John Fist, Big C, John Wick, Jungle Rat, Kapibar, Laizin, Magdeleno, Morrina, Ahmet Samet, theman, Scarecroww, Silenceofdragons, Solaris, Sparrow, Tannenberg, Sparkplug, Wahlt, TiigriKiisu, yes, YresThePigeon, ainsley.

A special thanks to: The HOI4 Community, Darkest Hour, JSF(R.I.P) and every mod that helped us and had fun with us along the way!

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