The Imperial Restoration

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Authors: Florius, Akira

Last revision: 27 Nov at 09:08 UTC

File size: 490.75 MB

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Has it ever bothered you that Austria’s only possibility in the base game was to be annex by Germany? Then download this mod.

In this mod the focus trees and events had been changed around Austria, Greece and Turkey, way more to come.

The focus of the mod will be on Austria (as the name says ^^) until the austrian focustree is finished.

We just realeased a Greece alpha version which will still be changed heavily.

Turkey is not in development at the moment and has a really early version of the planned focustree with no events in place (Please do not play Turkey! 😊).

There not many changes to the normal scenario, but in this Europe timeline the monarchies still had a lot of popularity after being kicked out of their countries.


Neutral/Imperial: Try to restore the Habsburg Monarchy and influence old allies around you to make a large alliance and change the outcome of the second world war as a monarchy.

Fascist: The military had enough of being kicked around, by kings so they try to get matters in their own hands. Lead the fascist civil war and end all imperialism and Communism in Europe as Austria.

Democratic: The people suffered a lot under the rulers of Austria and demand a Parliament and a stable constitution. Lead the Democrats and win the uprising. After that try to secure yourself and the countries around you by binding them together in a Federation.


Fascist: The people had enough of kings that promise them the world. They want a unique ruler that will get them the world even if it takes force. Take control of Greece and take back a long-forgotten Empire.

I started making this mod just for fun, but a friend and me got more and more invested into this. I am not a full time Modder and only mod in my free time when I find time and want too so this won’t be a huge mod like others. I still hope you guys will have fun playing and if you have some ideas, I invite you to share them in the discussion.