Puppet Flags & Colors Reupload

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Author: stefffff

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Hello and guten Tag to my reuploaded version of my Puppet Flags &Colors Mod.

Some Notes

well the purpose of this mod is very simple. You can change (via decision) the flags, the name and the color of your Puppets as following nations:

  • Austria-Hungary
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Great Britain
  • Great Britain fascist
  • France
  • France communist
  • Italy
  • Italy democratic
  • Italy communist
  • Portugal
  • Portugal fascist
  • Portugal communist
  • Turkey
  • EU
  • Russia
  • Russia communist (Sovietunion)
  • Persia
  • USA democratic
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Germany neutral
  • Germany neutral (alternativ historical style)
  • Germny fascist
  • Germany fascist (alternative SS style)
  • Roman Empire
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Qing-China

the mod only works for the vanilla countries of course and is thanks to the cosmetic-file (the file with the colors of the countries) not really compatible with other mods that are messing around with country colors

some flags are not finished and will simple dont have a symbol on their flag
SS flags and all russian ones should be complete tho.

you can also join my discord, to make suggestion and send me bug-reports: