The Eggman Empire

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Author: Lou

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Welcome to my first country mod for Hearts of Iron IV!

As the name suggests, this mods allows you to play as Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA Eggman) and conquer the world!

How and why does Eggman exist on our world, let alone during WWII? Well, the answer is simple – he stole the chaos emeralds and used to them to travel in time and dimension. Now he can conquer the world without the interference of that damn blue hedgehog and its friends.


– A fleshed-out focus tree! Custom focus icons!

– Carry out diabolical schemes on your path to world conquest!

– Lots of events (some that effect the game, some just for flavour)

– Voiced divisions! (Using Omega’s voice from Sonic Heroes)

– Unique generals with their own portraits

– Unique policy advisors featuring Eggman-aligned characters from the wider Sonic universe (most of these have their own portraits)

– An Eggman-themed tech-tree, including Badniks of all variety! (I added some G.U.N vehicles as well because some slots were untaken)

– A few songs added to enhance your Eggman-Experience.


I tried to create a slightly different way of playing HOI4 in this mod – namely, you start very very small and eventually grow to take over the world. Because Eggman’s army is made of robots, you can use a LOT more manpower (a flat increase of 50%). I tried to balance this by only giving you small cores. Don’t worry, manpower is certainly not lacking! I also made sure the player is not lacking for industry very early on, as well.

The mod is designed for singleplayer. While I am sure it would physically work in multiplayer, it would most certainly not be very polished. Plus, the focus tree I made for Eggman is somewhat overpowered – I just wanted to have fun making a country for HOI4, one that will hopefully give you a chuckle or too as you play.

I would be willing to consider (CONSIDER, meaning no guarantees) making it multiplayer-compatible (IE a kind of fun game where the rest of the game teams up to defeat Eggman, similar to that alien invasion mod that exists but I forget the name of). If that is something that interests you, then let me know.

In terms of compatibility- to be safe, run the mod with Vanilla HOI4 for the fewest problems. That being said, I have not done much testing in the way of mod compatibility, so feel free to give it a go yourself and let me know what happens.

There are also couple of ideas I have for the mod in future. I will list them here. Please let me know what/if you think of these, and if they would be worthwhile adding in.


That is, things that can happen once you take over the world (like Sonic arriving and defeating Eggman, a Machine Uprising and so forth – things the player can choose, of course)

– More naval options

Because I don’t have Man the Guns, I tried to keep away from naval things in the mod. I also made the tree with that in mind. You shouldn’t (really) need much navy.

– Artillery

Artillery is another thing I left relatively untouched. Even if I just give all the guns a red paint job, I want to do something with them in future.

– Icons for tanks/aircraft

Self explanatory.

Anyway, thanks for having a look at my biggest mod. I do intend to update it a little bit, so please let me know what bugs/mistakes or whatever exist and I’ll get round to fixing it at some point. I do intend to wait until the next update releases before I work on the mod again, so keep that in mind. Unless, of course, something catastrophic happens.