[GUS] Project "Übermensch"

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Author: Умный качок

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This mod diversifies your game with such units as mutants, cyber infantry or combat robots.
Mod added new decision category Human Improvement Research that will allow you to learn new technologies.
To start create your new uberdivisions, you need to open The New Path for Your Science and go through three stages of research in it. During these stages, you will receive either bonuses for your army, or new equipment that is worth preparing for your future expansion. After exploring all three stages, you will open the decision to create new divisions. Remember, you can choose only one way to advance your science… of course, if you are not the leading powers of the Axis Berlin-Moscow…


New types of units that will help your nation take over the world … or this will be the reason for the unification of all countries against you.

New province effect after nuked (Adopted from Equestria at War. May cause a conflict: two identical effects will hang on the province, which will add more hardcore)

Mechanics of joint research of Germany and the USSR (If they are allied, and both has the national spirit of the Research Program "Overman")

Full compatibility with all mods

Last Update:

-Adopted for 1.9.*

-New mechanics for creating divisions from the mod – now battalions from the mod cannot be used in creating the division template. To create divisions you need to use the appropriate decision.

-Some graphic changes


Most of the graphic composer taken from other mods:

Old World Blues

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Equestria at War


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.