The Balkan Overhoul Mod

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Authors: Ghost, Alexe.Original

Last revision: 15 May at 17:49 UTC

File size: 9.62 MB

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Hello! This Mod will bring The Comeplete Balkan Overhoul to Life!

First I want to say thank you to the modders that let me barrow some of theier assets:

1. Ive used some assets from this mod, is pretty cool check it out!
2. I’ve added political advisors but i’m no artist so i’ve used this mod portraits, all of the gouvermant portraits are owned by this mod (is cool)

What is this about??

Well this is all about remakeing The Balkan Nations(including Turkey and Hungary) into World Majors, well ofc by focus. They will start "Default" but in a few years they will be ready to dominate The Balkans and The European Continent!

The Next countries will be Overhouled in this order:

Romania – 100%
Greece – 70%
Bulgaria – 0%
Turkey – 0%
Yugoslavia – 0%
Hunagry – 0%
Albania – 0%

What’s This About?

Well this Mod will include new(and historical) Generals/Political men plus Descriptions and Events(maybe) This mod will take time and I will try update it well lets say Once A week!

See you soon, Ghost