Avanti Italia

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Authors: Titanic Mapper, uzord155

Last revision: 20 May at 18:25 UTC

File size: 237.44 MB

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WARNING: THIS IS A BETA, SO NOT EVERYTHING IS FINISHED AND IN FUTURE THERE WILL BE SOME UPDATES, if you found a bug while playing tell me down here and I’ll try to solve it.
if you have any suggestion tell me down here, this is my first serious mod so it isn’t perfect

This is the version with less states and also with realistic population for all states, for a less laggy gameplay

This mod does a total rework of the italian map and focus tree with +200 new states and +30 tags only in Italy and +200 focus only in the italian focus tree.

New Tags and Borders

This mod adds all the 20 Italian real life regions, plus some historical one (All preunitarian states, some medieval countries, an etruscan and a roman state, some italian micronations like Fiume or Seborga and fictional countries like Padania and makes possible to create all the borders of real life italian provinces.

It’s also possible create the italy’s borders of the 1830, 1850, 1861, 1866, 1870, 1922, 1936 and 1946.

New possibilities

With this mod you can ally with Germany and win the war, do a civilwar against the Monarchy and then create an United Fascist Europe with Germany or unite the Mediterrean under a federation.
You can oppose to the anschluss and declare war on Germany, occupy the Tyrol, puppet Austria and Bavaria, ally with the Allies and buy from them some colonies.
You can also recreate the Roman Empire reconquering Costantinople.
There’s also an anti-fascist focus, where you can kill Mussolini and do a coup against the fascists, you can give the King all the power, create a papal Italy, restore the democracy by creating a costitutional monarchy or a republic, and then deciding between the maintenance of the republic, or the creation of a federation or of a confederation.
(there will be more options in the future)


Monarchist Update 17/05/20
-reworked the monarchist tree
-set the capitals of some italian nations
-added a cosmetic tag for all the regions of the confederation
-fixed some errors
-rebalanced the malus and some focusses
-new name for the mod

Bug fixes and map rework update 20/05/20
-added major Italian lakes
-fixed the spanish civil war
-fixed the italo balbo bug
-fixed some focusses, events and spirits

Know bugs

-it might crash during the ww2
-some ships disappear at the start of the game
-black and white leader photos
-the italian AI can’t do the new focusses
-some focus doesn’t show the icon

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Uzord (his youtube channel), who helped me with some technical issues and with English (as you can see i’m not a motherlanguage, so sorry for the grammatical errors)

Also, thanks to the mod Piedmont on the Rise & Italian States Mod for the files and the flags of many italian nations
Too Many States for some nation tags
Beautiful States Mod for the base map and files

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