Age Of Discovery – 1500 (ALPHA)

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Authors: Birdie Num Num ุ, ShotPT

Last revision: 18 May at 20:16 UTC

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Age of Discovery Empires – 1500

Hi, this is my take on mods on the renaissance, in this mod the question is asked "what if the holy roman empire united under one nation". Currently i haven’t made too much progress on the mod, so currently it might not have as much as i want it too.

I am also sorry for the inconvience of the files getting deleted, i haven’t worked on the mod since i lost the files and had to get them back.

Lore (kinda)
After fear through the world in the new century, a new empire formed, this empire was the Holy Roman Empire, but not as we know it, no this empire was under one nation, instead of a lot of small states, this upset european powers such as France and Spain, which made the two crowns closer. The Holy Roman Empire now is trying to seek out for allies around the world, where their main targets as allies are England and Denmark (Kalmar). This have upset the French, and europe is close to a ‘Great war conflict’. Else than this there is race for colonies around the world.

What else happended in the world but the HRE uniting?

Some empires who in our timeline fell years ago, have continued such as mongolistan. Protestantism was created long before Martin Luther, this have spread around in Europe in most countries.

What have i made so far?

-I made borders
-Events for colonization
-Flags and leaders for most important countries (european ones)
-Events for Holy roman empire
-I made a few national focus emblems (working on more)
-Formable nations (only the German Empire by now, if you choose the prussian way of course)

Small focuses for (none of these are complete, i just made them ‘playable’)
– Denmark-Norway (Kalmar)
– Holy Roman Empire
– Venetian Republic
– France
– Spain
– Prussia (a focus way in HRE focus)
– Austria (a focus way in HRE focus)
– Poland

– VERY SMALL FOCUS for England, Ottoman Empire and Ming (Would not recommend playing these, since they only have 2-3 focuses)

What do i plan on doing in the future?

– Balancing the chinese civil war
– Create flags and leaders for every nation
– Create focuses for: Thirteen colonies, Moscovy, Qing, Safavid empire, England, Ottoman Empire, Ming and Portugal
– A lot more possible outcomes for european wars: these wars could start because of papal states, or what way you go in the holy roman focus, prussian, austrian or keeping the empire alive.
– More events
– Creating more newsevents
– Changing city names and capitals (not gonna focus on this first since i dont find this too important, for gameplay)
– More focus emblems
– More ideas for each country

(currently i am working at improving gameplay as the Ottomans, here my plans for their focus are: Continue as them and make a strong and stable empire, or create a civil war where you can restore the Byzantine empire, i am also working on making event titles, descriptions etc.)

What do i recommend playing as?
– I would recommend playing as either Holy Roman Empire (but take the path that keeps the empire alive, this is mostly finished, but prussian way can be fun too), France, Denmark, Spain, or Venice.

Hi! If you have any feedback to the mod, or me the creator please write in the comment section on the mod, i will read them and might take the idea to consideration. Also i would like a bit of feedback on the colonisation of the mod since i am still experimenting with how it should work. Enjoy the mod!

Update log 18/05/2020
Today we have updated the mod, with inclusion of the inca empire, aztec empire and Indian nations!
– Events fixed
-Some crash fixes
-Focus for France and Aztec + A bit more in the generic
-Mameluk borders fixed
And a bit more enjoy the update!

(thanks to the discord for a lot of ideas<3)
If anyone is interested in communication, updates or want to suggest ideas this is the place!

Check him out!
(he helped me mod this:D)