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Author: AeneasXI

Last revision: 21 Jun at 14:19 UTC

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This mod was a request so here it is! Gaining Freedom or completely annexing a Dominion grade Puppet can take years and years and then the war is often already mostly over which can be annoying!

This mod aims to improve on Autonomy Gain and make it faster in both directions! Save-Game Compatible & Compatible with most other Mods!

-Increased Autonomy Gain in both directions freedom & annexation for sending Land Lease, Resource Trading, War Participation and Building in the Puppets Territory!
-I decreased the total Autonomy needed for all Levels from 5000 to 3000!
-I slightly decreased the amount of Political Power needed for the last step to Freedom/Annexation from 300 PP to 200 PP.
-I decreased the amount of National Foci you need to research before you can take the Continuous Foci from 10 to 1! This way you can already start the Autonomy Continuous Focus after researching 1 National Focus and not only after researching 10!
-I increased the Autonomy "Spillover" from 25% to 100% when you up or downgrade a Level.
(That means you won’t have to wait until you have upraded to the next Level anymore to research an Autonomy related National Focus or if you are sending too much worth of Land Lease Equipment! Before if you were close to the needed amount you would lose most Autonomy you got from the National Focus so you would have to wait until you upgraded to research the focus. Now you can just research it right away because any excess will carry over and not be lost!)
-All Nations and AI will be affected by this!
-Save-Game Compatible! You do not need to start a new Game!
-I created a unique .lua file so it is compatible with all Mods that do not change these specific Commands!

Full Changelog:
-MASTER_BUILD_AUTONOMY_FACTOR = -0.9 (original -0.6) – Autonomy from Building
-RESOURCE_SENT_AUTONOMY_DAILY_FACTOR = 0.015 (original 0.005) – Autonomy from sending Resources.
-WAR_SCORE_AUTONOMY_FACTOR = 1.2 (original 0.6) – Autonomy from Warscore Participation.
-LL_TO_OVERLORD_AUTONOMY_DAILY_FACTOR = 0.015 (original 0.05) – Autonomy from sending Land Lease Equipment to the Overlord.
-LL_TO_PUPPET_AUTONOMY_DAILY_FACTOR = -0.03 (original -0.01) – Autonomy from sending Land Lease Equipment to the Puppet.
-AUTONOMY_LEVEL_CHANGE_PP_ANNEX = 200 (original 300) – Political Power Cost to take the last Step which results in Annexation.
-AUTONOMY_LEVEL_CHANGE_PP_FREE = 200 (original 300) – Political Power Cost to take the last Step which results in complete Freedom.
-AUTONOMOUS_TOTAL_SCORE = 3000 (original 5000) – Total Amount of Autonomy that would be needed for going through all Levels.
-AUTONOMOUS_SPILLOVER = 1.0 (original 0.25) – How much autonomy will be carried over to count for the next Level if you were over the required amount of Autonomy when upgrading a level.
-MIN_FOCUSES_FOR_CONTINUOUS = 1 (original 10) – How many National Focus you will need to have to research before you will be able to take the Continuous National Foci.

Feel free to integrate the Code into your own Mods as you see fit!

Take Care and Have Fun!