*S-Air-Ger – German Aircraft Reskin

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Authors: PacificKempeitai, Ritter Runkel

Last revision: 29 Jun at 17:05 UTC (1)

File size: 20.62 MB

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B-P-a – Basic Particle
Main Features 1.00 :
  • Variety new animation & effects, including Torpedo attack, realistic bomb, bomber mg defence, airborne drop, fuel tank drop, new MG tracer, propeller etc.
  • Air Combat Rework, for example, bombers can kills fighters now
  • 29 New 3D Models
Main Features 1.20 :
  • 11 New 3D Models
  • sound fix; transport fix
  • every German aircraft unit now have its own 3D models and animation, for example, CAS 1 Ju87, Jet 2 Ho229 etc

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*B-P-a - Basic ParticleSteam Workshop

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