Alpine: Flags (The Most Historically Accurate & Realistic Flags Overhaul)

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Author: XanderWalrus

Last revision: 28 Jun at 11:51 UTC

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What is this mod?
It’s an overhaul mod that intends to be best & guaranteed most historically accurate flag mod no other mod as far as I am aware is accurate as this one, with all flags being replaced with more accurate, smoother/less pixelated & blurred version as well as accurate as possible to the correct nations and parties within HOI4’s timespan (1936-1948) with additional flags from the great war, interwar and cold war periods if needed.

– 1.9.3 +
– Ironman
– All DLC’s

As well as various other smaller pieces of historical archives I could find related to politics and vexilology

Quick Notice:
If you have any questions regarding specific flags please either read "Flag info and answers" to see if your question is answered there or please leave a comment so I can either fix an issue or explain why a flag is how it is.

Questions and Answers:
– Why?
Because IMO all of the vanilla HOI4 flags are terrible in someway or another whether it be inaccurate to the time period such as France and the Soviet union, Blurs/Pixelation often seen in Tri-Colour flags where the transition between the colours is blurred making the quality worse, as well as flags inaccurate to their parties in-game such as Fascist Finland and Austria.

– Is this for political bias?
No non of the imagery used in the flags are added in for any agenda only because they’re historically accurate and I personally do not agree with censorship in entertainment/media regardless of what ideology it is.
– Thoughts on other flag mods?
Great the more flag mods the better as it the best aspect of HOI4 modding for me imo.

– Censored version?
A censored version/sub-mod is available link:

– Will this work with Road to 56?
Yes but not as intended as Road to 56 features many more flags not in vanilla as well as ideology difference in some nations as compared to vanilla for example where as Austria is Neutral in vanilla it is Fascist within Road to 56 which can cause some flag inaccuracies, however I am currently working on and nearly finished on a version that should work with Road to 56 as well as other overhaul mods such as Kaiserreich and Coldwar: the iron curtain.

Flag info and answers:
– Germany uncentred swaztika?
This is because the disc and swaztika was only in the centre of the flag between 1933-1935 after that it was slightly to the left with exception of party use and merchant ships.

– Fascist Japan doesn’t use rising sun flag?
This is because the rising sun flag(s) where only ever war flags never state or national flags as the flag used by the empire of japan prior to and during ww2 was the same one they used until 1999.

– Communist USA uses stars and stripes flag?
This is because the CPUSA frequently used them during speeches during the time period HOI4 is set,
– Earl Browder Chairman of of the CPUSA between 1934–1945 and leader of Communist America in HOI4 with the stars and stripes banner.
– One of the conventions of the CPUSA in 1938 featuring numerous stars and stripes flags.

– Communist Britain uses the Union Jack?
Similar to the aformentioned one as the Union Jack was used by the CPGB within HOI4’s time frame
– 1942 CPGB speech featuring the flag
– 1945 GPGB general election video also featuring the flag.
This shows despite popular thought the Union Jack was still liked and used by British communists in the 30’s and 40’s.

– Confederate States uses Dixie/Battle Flag
I chose this as whilst it was never a state flag it was and still is used by confederate sympathisers and as well the party flag for the tates’ Rights Democratic Party (dixiecrats) in 1948 which is considered to be part of HOI4’s time setting, and in the event of the return of the confederacy it is likely they’d use the battle flag due its popularity.

Inspiration/Other flag mods: