Random Events

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Author: Glugenash

Last revision: 29 Jun at 18:10 UTC

File size: 3.72 MB

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If you want random events to pop up to spice up your game, this mod can help with that!

This mod comes with 148 events that can pop up at any time, from Italy giving up if Ethiopia does well, to the Mongol Empire reforming, to a Swiss artist making an adorable picture of a cat, to the Central American Shuffle, to aliens crash landing in New Mexico, to the reformation of the Russian Empire, to Switzerland snapping from a ton of threat building up, to Spartans rising up in Greece, to a nuclear meltdown, to a white peace being signed between Germany and the UK, to a 5-way civil war in France, to a couple Sabaton references. Do not expect to encounter every event in 1, 2, or even 3 runs, as some will require very specific things that AI can’t/won’t do without some help.

The possibilities are (nearly) endless! And I will continue to add more events as time goes on.

Should work with any DLC, disables achievements, works with pre-existing games.

Will most likely work with most mods, such as Road to 56, though some events may not work if Focus Trees and Technology is changed.