Hybrid Map Mod

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Author: Jerry

Last revision: 27 Jul at 04:30 UTC

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Hybrid Map Mod

What is the Hybrid Map Mod?

This mod is an attempt to bring the "Darkest Hour" map style to the game that is seen in many YouTube videos. For instance, this mod is best compared to stege’s videos, all you need to do is to turn of reflections in the game settings and its visually similar. The mod uses Wunderwaffle’s amazing textures and ui along side darker borders and water (simple repaint of existing textures.


The textures and ui used in the mod are NOT mine. This mod would most definitely not be the same without the work from Wunderwaffle, so please support him and his work!

I will most likely continue to work on this mod from people’s input, any major upcoming changes will be on a different mod page if its disliked!

Mods Used:

Wunderwaffle’s WW Map+
The map font used in the preview images is Enriador’s Sensible Map Font