Square Counters

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Author: CMCMC

Last revision: 11 Aug at 07:11 UTC (1)

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Square Counters(Ironman Compatible)

*Need more feedbacks on Navy
I know literally nothing about hoi4 navy besides submarines&naval bombers spam

Tested with:

TNO Kaiserreich CWIC OWB EAW
Chinese(simplified&traditional) and Korean Localisation and their custom fonts.
I didn’t find one for Japanese.
So if it does exists or you need other fonts support please leave a comment.

Compatibility Issues:

If it’s not working with your mod,go to
(X is where you installed hoi4),
open descriptor.mod with notepad.
change "zzz" to "your mod’s name" and save it.
(I haven’t figured out a better solution yet,paradox’s new launcher is toxic,the load order is broken somehow. )

Fonts supports:

(Only VPs & Capitals for now)
–[Sraetigic View Adjustment]
–[52 Chinese Localisation]
–[Chinese Traditional]
–[Korean Localization]

Contact if ur font is not working properly and attach a link to ur mod.


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