Ukraine Focus Mod

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Author: GandiDoor

Last revision: 1 Aug at 19:24 UTC

File size: 2.94 MB

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This Mod is a complete do-up of Ukraine, Focusing mainly on Overhauling the Focus Tree and its Ideas.

=======This is the repaired version=======

Currently Contains:
-Full Ukraine Focus Tree with Custom Icons and Ideas
-Fully Integrated Event Chains for demanding and requesting territory, guarantees and alliances

Will Contain:
-Images for the various custom government modifiers.
-Potentially a custom equipment tree
-West Ukraine to be released by Poland

This mod is fully compatible with Road to 56 from my tests, this is what it is Designed to be used with.

Feel Free to let me know of any bugs

NOTE: Ukraine is not released at the start of the game with this mod, rather it just gives the current Ukraine a focus tree, this one is designed for release from the Soviets.

Enjoy the mod and Slava Ukraini!

If this still doesn’t work, please say! But it should work now from what I understand of it