Novum Vexillum – Better Puppet Names

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Author: H a k a s e

Last revision: 15 Sep at 09:28 UTC (1)

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I’m making this because i think more immersive names for national puppets (and a few independent countries) to better reflect ideology would help NV players more interested in the roleplay aspect of the mods. Colonial style names don’t always fit democratic and left-wing ideologies; no more "american iraq" ruled by conservatives. I also would like to make some puppet names more reflective of their overlord’s culture, for instance, unique names for puppets of Japan, Russia, Britain, etc etc.

This should work regardless of game version, but please let me know if a new patch breaks it in any way. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the mod! I’m interested in making new national focuses for some lacking countries. Please feel free to give suggestions in the comments.

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