Pour la France 0.3.1

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Author: Tchad

Last revision: 20 Sep at 14:22 UTC (1)

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France Focus Tree (Test Version)

(Requires all DLCs)

(As English is not my native language, feel free to report any spelling mistake or typo!)

Bored with France ? Want to have fun while stopping the blitzkrieg ? Wanna unite Europe ? Search no more.
This focus is meant to complete the LaR French Focus tree by adding events, focus and choices. It is still a work in progress. This makes France kinda more OP, but also more fun.
Send me suggestion if you want !

Include (0.3):
-More than 85 new Focuses (sometimes a bit OP)
-More Events
-More industrial companies
-New realeasable (Acadia, French America, French Louisiana, Kingdom of Two Sicilies, the Vatican, French Kingdom of Jerusalem)
-Pan-European Path for unaligned and fascist ( with surprise 😉 )
-European Federal State Path for democratic (peaceful)
-West European Union of Socialists Republics for communism
-Indochina War

Next Steps:
-More flavour
-More events
-Focus Icons
-More descriptions
-More/Better colonial wars
-Free France
-Musics !
-More Industries
-Latin Federal State (WIP)


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.