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Author: Rikai

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Okay, so this unit needs to move… here!

*BLAM* Sir, hAvE yOu hEaRd tHe laTEsT nEws aBouT whAt hApPeNed tO TrotskY?!!? Or the Hindenburg? Or Earhart?

…No. and I dont care.

But you will surely be interested about the United Kingdom calling New Zealand into the war!
And South Africa!
And Australia!

Yea, they called the Allies, big deal.
Now please let me…

And the British Raj!
Also, Luxemburg joined the Allies recently!

FUUUU*K can’t you just shut up for a minute?
I’m trying to run a nation here!


If this is you, then this mod is for you.
I also replaced that annoying "someone joined some war" sound.

Ironman compatible

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If you find the newspaper sound as annyoing as I do: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2198680250
(Ironman compatible)

If you want less popups overall:
(changes checksum, so not Ironman-compatible)

My discord, for HOI-Multiplayer and modding purposes: