State urbanization

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Author: Stea┬┤mEmpire

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Version 1.02 sep 2020

What does this mod do?

This mod offers you the possibility to upgrade the state category of a state by use of on map decisions, giving you building slots that takes advantage of the "max factories in a state" bonus.

For the decision to show up you will have to research construction 1 and either dispersed or concentrated industries.

The cost of each state upgrade can vary from state to state with the lower state categories costing 50 pp 5 civilian factories and taking 70 days, and the top ones at 150 15 and 210
You will also require a level of population and state infrastructure depending on what is being urbanized

For a state to be eligible it also has to be a core
You cannot upgrade wastelands, small islands or enclaves (for some reason a lot of islands are designated enclaves, whats up with that Paradox?)

future plans:

  • More balancing of costs (tell me what you think about balancing, just don’t expect this to become some cheat mod)
  • More varied costs based on the state in question
  • Population limiting factor
  • Infrastructure limiting factor
  • Changing up building slots (make it 36) and maybe have you gain some extra slots depending on the state infrastructure
  • Adding a feature that stops growth in country but returns that pop (with a bonus ­čśë ) back into the selected state when decision is done
  • Turning the whole thing into a scripted GUI

more added as needed

Does this work with X mod?

  • Most likely yes, as long as the mod in question doesn’t change the vanilla state categories or industry techs needed.

Can I incorporate this into my mod?

  • Sure but be doubly sure to ask in the comments bellow, and give credit in your mod description.

Can you add support for my language?

  • If someone is willing to translate and send me their localization files i will gladly add it to the mod.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and or possibly subscribing, This is the very first mod I’ve put on the workshop and it would also mean a lot for me if you took a second and liked the mod :^)

Also special thanks to the people over at The Modding Plaza for helping me with the kinks of being a learning mod maker


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