Shurai Empire – HOI4 Isekai

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Author: Shura

Last revision: 15 Oct at 15:01 UTC

File size: 611.55 MB

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A mod adding 7 new countries to the game.
The main country is Reunion Island, a French colony in the Indian Ocean next to Madagascar.

Tactical Dolls officially introduced!
The UI is still being changed and it will take a while before it is done.

Main merged mods in the file for compatibility reasons and convenience for playthroughs:
– 56 slots
– MTG expanded
– Add Technologies
and a bit of warships designer overhaul

You can choose to go full on dictator, or give everyone their fair share of Anime and "off-brand" content.
By reaching the last focus you can now gain the Interdimensional Mandate privilege and beat the final challenge with all the friends you made on your journey. Well… "friends", at least until the Cold War.

Also check out Star’s World of Anime and Anime no Sekai, I did a lot of reverse engineering on these mods to make my own. That and a lot of help from their discord.