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Author: Freik

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Special Research Division, SRD for short.
Here you will find all the Technologies, Equipments and Buildings that Normal people would call

This Mod will explore 4 different types of strange technologies:
Cyber/Sci-fi with Mechas, Cybernetics, Drones/Robots
Holy/Theology with Angels, Knights, Mages and Church Tanks
Bio/Hell with Zombies, Bio Weapons and Hell Spawn mixed with Machines
Wunder Weapons with Crazy Building, Tanks, Guns, Airplanes.
A big Emphasis will be placed on balance and compatibility with other mods (See: Balance, Compatibility )

This mod wasnt build to be a power trip. All stats for units/equipment are near vanilla Stats.
With this mod you still wont be able to conquer the world with Albania before 1945 (Trust me, I tried).
But playing majors/major minors will be a bit easier.
There is a Difficulty event build in if someone wants to feel an artificial challange even with the new units.
I hope you will still enjoy the mod.
If you think something is to op or to weak for its producation cost/research cost please tell me so i can look into it.
The Ai doesnt use the Mod.

This mod is currently being worked on and i dont plan to abandon it in the future.

-New technologies get research bonuses from focuses
-Units get doctrine bonuses
-1 Event
-Nato Icons
-No DLC required


Automate your Nation for more Manpower
Build Drone/Robot Marschals and Generals
Stop lossing your manpower and start lossing expendable drones
Build Powerfull Machines straight from Sci-fi
Enchante your soldiers and population with cybernetics
Use new Occupation Policy that doesnt give compliance and manpower but gives 100% accsess to factories and resources
Build Super Computer that will suport your war effort
and more…..


112 New Technologies
2 New Resources
1 Unique Building, the Super Computer and 2 Resource buildings
5 Decisions
5 Support Battalion | 2 Infantry Battalions | 4 Armor Battalions | 4 Mobile Battalions
Nato Icons
32 Equipments (14 Unique ones)
3 Unique Generals with 2 Portraits each
1 New Occupation Zones


This Part will not include any commentary on religion of any kind. Christian Symbols and "Mythology" will be used for this without any bad intent.

Status:GFX(Icons etc.) Production

Still WIP(Work in Progress):Knight, Mages, War Priest, Knight Cavalery, StormCrusader,
Open The Gates to Heaven, Griffon Cavalery,

Note: Overall this will be a smaller tree, big for vanilla standards, smaller then the cyber tree and will include a Rework of the Building Ui

4 Full new techtrees (Currently 1)
1-2 Resources for each Tree
2-3 Buildings for each Tree
A variety of unique equipment and units for each tree
Unique Decisions for each Tree
Unique Occupation Policy for each Tree
Different "Gameplay" Focus in each Tree
Non Dlc Support

The next update will feature a new technology tree and a new building ui.

If you want to use this mod for one of your projects go ahead, just credit me and the mod.
Overall is the "Code" really clean, everythink is separated and named but if you still need help im always there for questions.


No Limit Mod (Deletes the Year requirment for technologies)

Compatibility patches:
If you want to play with this mod and any mod that is named down below just klick on "SRD+[MOD]" and download it. Then enable ALL three mods and it will work.

For Road to 56 | SRD+R56
For Kaiserreich | SRD+KR
For Equestria at War | SRD+EAW

This mod will work every mod that doesnt add new resources, buildings and/or technologies.
Every other mod should work.

Q:Why is there a Graphical glitch in the industry part of the cyber tree?
A:Theres not enough space between the 2 technologies, I do not plan to fix the problem because that would require to change ALL positions, from technologies to backgrounds and it is not a game breaking bug.

Issue: I cant see some building and the technology tree button
A: The mod doesnt support 1280×720 resolution and probably never will, sorry this is a game limitation.

Issue: There is a typo in the localisation!
A: Sorry.

Issue: The Mod doesnt work/ I cant enable it.
A: I have tested for an 1 hour if everything is working correctly, wiping my document folder 2 times and reinstalling hoi 4 and mod + compatibility patches and reuploading the mod. If you have a issue follow this very good troubleshooting here: Troubleshooting the HOI4 Launcher[kaiserreich.fandom.com] STATE : Current Version of the Mod : 0.25 #2 see change log or comments for details. 1.9.3 Hoi 4 Version

Issue: Generals can roll with Drone General Traits.

Remember to report any bugs, typos and balance problems in the right discussions.

Thanks to The Iron Workshop for making GREAT educational videos they helped me get into hoi 4 modding
Thanks for all the great people[hoi4.paradoxwikis.com] who are working on the Hearts of Iron 4 wiki[hoi4.paradoxwikis.com]
Thanks to all the contributers of the Ultimate HOI4 GFX.[github.com]
Thanks to you for reading this.

Suggestions and critique of ANY type would be appreciated!

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