GSU Finland Rework

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Author: GreatSovietUnion

Last revision: 13 Oct at 11:43 UTC

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Hello everyone! This is mod that completely reworks Finland. I like the accuracy of historical events, so I tried to make it as historical as possible.


– Historical rework of army;
– More than 50 events: parliament and presidental elections, Civil war, first and second Moscow Armistice and more;
– Many new ideas;
– Many new decisions: integrate new territories, purchase weapons, tanks, fighters, surprise attack on the Soviet Union, and more;
– Two focus trees – for Red Finland and for White Finland;
– New Portraits;
– Historical path with historical Soviets demands, Soviet-Finnish wars and Lapland war;
– Alternative historical paths: Compromise with Soviet Union, Mannerheim Dictatorship, Fascist Lapua Movement coup, Communist’s civil war. All path available through events.

I am not native english speaker, so there can be some minor mistakes.

Мод также переведён на Русский!