Lollo’s Module Edits

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Author: LolloBlue96

Last revision: 5 Jun at 21:14 UTC

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Hello everyone! This is Lollo again!

Today I bring you a mod that edits the modules of ships! No particular reason for these edits, no excuses of historical accuracy or anything, just something neat that I think lets you experiment more with your naval templates. (And make ships a little cheaper to produce)
Among the changes you can find:
-Heavy Cruiser Batteries now have light attack and piercing, making them capable of attacking screens. (They were anti-screen ships)
-Sonars now have a bit of surface detection and can be equipped to submarines.
-The speed decrease for almost all modules has been decreased, and most tier 1 modules do not reduce your ship’s speed.
-Carriers have a separate slot for deck armour.
-Submarines have separate slots for radar and sonar. (Tier 1 subs don’t though)
-Almost all Heavy Ship designs have one more custom slot.
-Reduced the reliability hit from equipping improved engines or fire control systems.
-Almost all ships and modules have a reduced manpower, resource, and build cost.
-All of the hidden ship techs are available for research as subtechs!
-More conversion possibilities! For example, Pre-Dreadnoughts into converted BB carriers!

(Sorry about no pics, Steam is being annoying and doesn’t let me upload screenshots)

I probably forgot something, so if you find out stuff I did forget, make sure to tell me!
Thanks for your attention! Enjoy!

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Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns