Correct Australian States

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Author: Garuda di Dadaku 3: Bayu in DPRK

Last revision: 29 Jun, 2018 at 11:11 UTC

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In vannila HOI4 the states in Australia are about as far off reality as its possible to get. NT, QLD and NSW are all the wrong size and shape, WA while in reality is the largest state in Australia is only larger than Tasmania in the base game. The capital of SA: Adelaide in base HOI4 is in VIC which is basically guaranteed to annoy both Adelaideans and Victorians but for very different reasons. And on top of that theres this state called "Central Australia" which isn’t a thing and never has been.

So this mod basically sets the the borders of each of the states to what they are in reality and adds the ACT.

ps. I know the border for the North East corner of SA is wrong but fixing that would require me to change the shape of the actual individual provinces which is difficult and I’m increadibly lazy. So its gonna be a little bit off for now. I may go back and fix it sometime later but no guarantees.