Old World Blues: Advanced Resource Production

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Author: mercurae3

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This mod adds the ability to produce Circuitry, Composites, and Advanced Components using buildings just like you can with Water, Energy, and Scrap Metal. It has its own parallel tech tree that is not dependent on the base resource extraction techs. It works exactly the same as the other resource production buildings and technologies.

Some of the content I used was already present in OWB but simply not implemented; I imagine the OWB folks planned on adding this in a future update or maybe cut it from a previous one.

– Old World Blues (obviously)

– Adds constructible Circuitry, Composites, and Advanced Component producing buildings
– Adds tech tree to unlock and upgrade buildings

Old World Blues: Wasteland Economy Fixed created by Thorik, updated by Queen of Spades – it adds buffs based on resource surplus so there’s an actual reason to increase production beyond breaking even

OWB Upgrades for resource buildings 2.2 by misha_archmage – Adds techs to increase resource output

– Compatible with sub mods that change the tech tree or edit existing buildings
– Sub mods that change the construction menu (e.g. by adding buildings to it like this one does) may cause issues with the icons not appearing, displaying wrong, overlapping, etc.

– Expand tech tree with additional upgrades
– Balance minimum date, prerequisites, and research speed? I would appreciate input on whether the current requirements feel right.
– Prettier tech tree icons. I just cobbled together the current ones, but I may make nicer, unique icons.
– Improving compatibility with other mods that modify construction menu. If someone has an example of one that does that, let me know so I can check it out.

I would appreciate input on possible changes like these