Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich (v.1.5.3)

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Author: KaiserHagen
Last revision: 16 Mar at 10:50 UTC



This mod covers an alternative history timeline in which the central powers of World War 1 won the war. Note that this Mod has no connection to the Kaiserreich Mod and plays in a different universe!

English & German Version integrated

Chinese Translation


Should be compatible with all DLCs
UI mods and mods that are changing little things are probably compatible.
Other mods which change laws, states, countries, etc. are probably not compatible.


Weltkrieg: Alternative Color Scheme

Weltkrieg: No Impassable Zones

Useful Links

Discord Server[discord.gg]

Non-Reflective Water Mod –
used in the screenshots


Multiplayer Group

Version 1.5.2 Download Link [www.dropbox.com]

Intro Musik

Added Countries (country tags)


– Alternative History Scenario
– Reworked Country Borders (based on the alternative history)
– New Countries (already existing at start or releaseable)
– New Starting Conditions for Several Countries
– Ottoman Civil War (can be prevented by National Focus)
– Reworked Resource Spots
– New Ideology Monarchism
– New Laws
– New Units "Armoured Car"
– Possibility to Create Variants of Equipment, Artillery, etc.
– New National Focus Trees for:
United States of Greater Austria
Great Britain
Soviet Union (layout by ZeroTheCat)
United States of America
Ottoman Empire

Planned Things

– more events and better event texts
– further adjustments on already finished features

Side Project

Weltkrieg 2036
– Plays 100 years after "Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich"
– new techtree fitting into the 21st Century
– new countries and starting conditions (history has continued)
– 10 ideologies in total
– new election system
– 2 new resources, several new buildings, etc.

Special thanks to:

Kitticut (bug reports, suggestions on improvement)
ZeroTheCat (layout for soviet focus tree)
Sickmdfkr (Descriptions for National Focus)

Your Feedback

Feel free to join the discussion threads and give me your feedback. You can also join the discord server for Weltkrieg: Discord Server[discord.gg]