Total War Mod

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Authors: stjern, Hegemony, Ianthe, darthbias, doomdecker, Rhodesian Protector
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Total War MOD

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Use the NATO Counters to play this mod

Total War is a project that was started by Stjern who desired a mod which could give players a satisfying historical mod, with smooth gameplay and a competent AI. Since its inception the mod has grown and improved tremendously in both the quality of the content and contributors. This mod is meant to be challenging, part of the player experience is to be challenged by the gameplay itself and feel limited in the amount of choices you can make. Only the right choices can steer you towards victory.
In this mod you will notice that equipment is much more expensive. This means that the divisions are more precious to the player. No longer will you see Germany have 40 panzer divisions by 1939, it creates a more historical balance to it as production becomes very valuable, and the resources to fuel this production are almost essential to getting a functional army. To aid the player in getting his industry functioning, there are focuses, ideas and decisions to help boost the major’s performance in relation to minor countries.

World War 2 can arguably be called an economic war, and in this mod, you will feel the value of every resource under your disposal. Your goal as Germany is to in the preliminary stages of the war to create autarchy, but autarchy has its limits as chromium, tungsten and aluminium are resources which cannot be synthesized. For Japan you will need to expand into China and the resource rich areas of south east Asia to satisfy your need for resources. The allies and the Comintern, who are rich in resources need to survive the Axis onslaught and then depose the would-be rulers of the world.
We believe that the player should be rewarded for picking a national focus. Most focuses have been rebalanced and all majors have unique focus trees! You will see that a lot of national focuses are much shorter, and every focus actually matters (although some focuses are a lot cooler than others, looking at you industry focuses).
The Total War dev team has a goal in mind and that is to make it the first historical immersion mod that is eSports ready. Immersion is something that is very important to us as we are all WW2 enthusiasts, and any suggestions to how this immersion can be improved will of course be considered. Although, bear in mind that gameplay and balance will always be given priority!
o Island Hopping Mechanic
o Combined Arms Logic
o Unique speeches for most majors
o Improvement of the AI on ALL levels
o Reworked combat mechanics
o Reworked map (although much of it not yet ported to 1.5)
o 100s of unique events
o 100s of unique leaders and national spirits
o Decreased lag
o Complete Air Rebalancing
o Complete Armor Rebalancing
o Artillery Rebalancing
o Multiplayer Friendly
o Unique German, American and Soviet Armor trees
o Unique British, American, German and Soviet Air trees
o Industry tech rework
o Infantry tech rework
o Support tech rework
o Radio tech rework
o Doctrines rework
o New decisions for all the majors
o UI improvement
o Special Forces Improvement
o More Straits
o SS divisions, SS unique units, SS options for other countris (Swedish SS units etc.)
o Angry Italian dev
o Assault Guns
o Amph tanks
o Histroic forts
o And much more
New National Focus Trees for:
o UK
o Germany
o Italy
o Soviet Union
o Japan
o France
o Sweden
o Manchukuo
o China
o Turkey
o And lots more!
Planned Additions:
o More National Focus Trees, expansion of current focus trees into later stages of the war!
o More decisions for all countries
o Even more AI improvements
o Border Wars that are balanced and make sense
o More Speeches
o Total Asia Rework!
o Republic of Salò
o Italian OOB in Ethiopia
o General traits
o Combat tactics
Do you have a good idea for something to add? Let us know we are always looking for interesting things to implement into the game.

Machotacoman ( BlackICE submod: Immersive Equipment )
Wunderwaffle (WW’s Map+ Ironman ) ( WW’s Buttons+ )
vpl300 ( Decisions: Speeches Audio )
mpu.daemos ( MPU Theatre Icons – NATO like counters )
Blackice Mod team ( BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod )
Steffen ( better terrain view )
Cherio ( Better Air Wing Deployment )