Total War – Black ICE Submod

Authors: stj3rn, darthbias, scrublord 2014
Last revision: 22 Jun at 00:09 UTC


*********************Death or Dishonor*************************

Total War is a full rework of the game with unique tech trees for many major countries and reworked combat mechanics. All units have been reworked to fit into the combined arms logic of world war two. Production capacity is set to historic levels and hopefully the AI will put up a proper challenge. The map has also been reworked with more even sized air regions. Lots of other stuff has also been added, including flavor events, country rework, base tech rework, unique national focuses, new ministers/ideas and much more.

This is a hard mod, when the AI is not too hamstringed by the battleplanner bugs you will need a proper strategy. To break forts you will need artillery, and there are lots of forts!

There is still much work to do, this is an ongoing project. This mod is supposed to be played with NATO counters enabled!

** Mod is designed to use NATO counters, the generic symbols are not supported and will not be correct for some units. **

In today’s update (20/6) I ported to 1.41 Beta, this version uses build_army command like before in 1.3x so now the AI should again be very potent in terms of unit deployment. Next I will fix the air UI.

Corew68 and Shakar are doing a historic stats rebalance project, check it out here:

Thanks to Dietwater for the British national focus.
Thanks to Herman Lindqvist for the Swedish national focus "Swedish Tiger".
Big thanks to Chondrite for his ideas and work on ai scripting.
Japanese template work: Apalm

Thanks to Shakar and corew68 for extensive testing.

Description cut down again so all credits gone… message me if you were on the credits list 🙁

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