Total War – Black ICE Submod

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Authors: stjern, doomdecker, darthbias, Xenbang, Hegemony
Last revision: 16 Feb at 18:20 UTC


This mod is fully 1.42 and DoD compatible.

Run this mod ONLY in latest 1.42 version of the game!

Total War a BICE Submod.

Update News: In todays update there is a new soviet focus tree that is still work in progress but it is better than the old one for sure, next there are fixes to air trees of the uk and usa and also soviet union 😀 there are two new units of logistic teams also the supply values have been tweaked.

Total War is a project that was started by Stjern and has since grown tremendously both in terms of content and people that have contributed to the project. Total War seeks to give the player a great experience in terms of playability and challenge, while still being a historical immersion mod. One of the first things you will notice when you start playing Total War is how expensive equipment is, this is one of the biggest changes in the mod and something you will get used to, your divisions are very precious and only under the command of a superb general can you secure total victory in both air, land and sea. Combat has been completely rebalanced, both in terms of width and what how stats work in general for every unit. Face a challenging AI, who constructs real functioning templates and who will make you think twice about every move and provide you with nothing but blood, sweat and tears. Focus trees is something that the Total War team feels is very important for a player’s experience with a country, it is our belief that players should feel rewarded for every focus they pick and not like they are ‘wasting’ 70 days so that they can get to a good focus. While at the same time immersing you in a country’s history and struggle to win World War 2. The fact that was stated before and something that will be stated again is the importance of player experience, to us player experience and playability of the mod is key. Therefore, it is essential that you (the community) give us feedback on Total War, as you may already know if you are a subscriber since before Total War is regularly updated. But it helps us tremendously if you provide us with adequate feedback that can help this mod grow and so that we may become even better.

Credits List:

Thank you to all who have been involved in the testing of this mod. Without you this wouldn’t be possible.
Thank you to all who have provided us with focus trees and other content.

Finally, thank YOU for playing Total War.


Do you feel bored with the AI? Do you want to face off against the designers of the mod and other enthusiasts? We regularly play on the BICE discord server, if you feel like joining you are more than welcome to face an even greater challenge and have even more fun!

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