Bitter Peace – New World Order

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Authors: vestov, Peacekeeper

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I don’t want to offend anyone or incite ethnic hatred with this modification. I’m just a guy who loves history, especially alternative history. It just so happened that the alternative theme of WWII is very popular, we can see the success of the same Wolfenstein game series or series the Man in the High Castle

The main purpose of this mod is to improve the gameplay for Germany and give the opportunity to change the way the world and borders will look if the Nazis win. I am not satisfied with the peace conferences in HOI4, and try to make the division of territories using events and decisions

If you want to get the full experience of playing with the mod, as well as avoid most of the problems, I recommend:

1. Play with a historical focus for AI
2. Play as Germany or Japan
2. For create a Reichskommissariats (RK’s) your need to complete the focus of the vanilla tree "Form the Reichskommissariats"
3. Observe with the USSR Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, allow the Soviets to occupy the Baltic States, as well as to end the Soviet-Finnish war
4. Invite Finland, Romania and Turkey to Axis. For Finland and Turkey there are decisions on their invitation. Then they will receive the territories promised to them by the Reich
5. Note that unlike in Vanilla, in Bitter Peace, Eastern commissariats are created DURING the war, not after the capitulation of the USSR. I am working to optimize the problems, but be careful for now, otherwise you may get terrible borders or bugs after the Soviet capitulation

Establishment of Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, Denmark and Military administration in Serbia
Germanization of the Western Polish territories and establishment of the Governor-General In the East
Historically existing RK’s, as well as those that were not implemented or only in theory.
Division of Yugoslavia and Greece
The Fall of Britain and the creation of a British puppet
The opportunity to dismember the USSR between Germany and Japan
Nazi putsch in South Africa
The Fate of Scandinavia and Turkey after Soviet capitulation
Destiny of China for Japan after victory
And a lot of little things that I can’t remember right now

All new States and Territorial Entities:

General-Government Polen
Protektorat Bohemia and Moravia
Protektorat Denmark
British Protectorate
Military administration in Serbia
RK Moskowien
RK Ostland
RK Ukraine
RK Don-Wolga
RK Kaucasus
RK Belgium and Northern France
RK Niederlande
RK Norwegen
RK Nordland
RK Westgebiet
RK Schweden
RK Turkestan
RK Westsibirien

Far Eastern Republic
Yakut National State
Baikal Federal Republic

Siberian Neutral Zone

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Things I want to do in near future:
1. The Improvement of Britain.
1.1. Evacuation of the government and the Royal family to Canada.
1.2. Transfer of leadership in the Commonwealth from the UK to Canada.
2. The Fate of France.
2.1. The partition France on Burgundy, Brittany.
2.2. Perhaps change the civil war with Free France
3. Adding new puppets for Italy.
3.1. To be honest, this is all for Italy, I have no more ideas. If you have any suggestions – ready to listen to them, fit minor events. For example, the death of Italo Balbo, etc.

Ideas that I have, but which I can not yet implement:
1. Czech question – immediately after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Germans discussed the Germanization of the Czechs and the "deportation" of the population to the East. But because of the constant demands of workers in the factories, this project is constantly reducing its scope. I have a few ideas on how to implement it, but I don’t have time to do it yet.
2. The American Reich is a.k.a Man in the High Castle style
Undoubtedly, I will make the us partition between Japan and Germany, why not. I just want it to go deeper. For example, the creation of a puppet on the East coast, but the US will continue to resist in the depths of the country, as on this map[]
3. The Sphere Of Co-Prosperity.
Now there is already an opportunity to create puppets in the post-Soviet far East, but I also want to make a better border for Japanese China, Indochina puppets, Pro – Japanese Philippines, Burma and India, as well as the occupation of Australia and New Zealand
4. The possibility of concluding an "Honorable peace".
It would be logical that after the fall of Britain and the USSR, the other members of the Allies would lose a significant goal to continue the war, right?
Now just in development there are mods on this topic, such as The New Order – Last Days of Europe or Thousand Week Reich, who want to show the world of the Cold War between the Reich and the United States.
Again, I have ideas on this topic, but little time to try to implement it

There may be issues with mods that add new states, such as incorrect borders, etc. Also, I’m not going to add new States, I’m more inclined about the idea of making compatibility with some of the mods that add them.

There may be conflicts with mods that add similar solutions and the creation of the same puppets, but this is not accurate, in such cases it is necessary to conduct a test

Be careful, the transfer of a large number of areas can lead to crashes or freezes.

Mod supports these languages:
German, thanks to 898zero898
If you want to help with translation into other languages, please contact me using Discord

The first versions of the mod were made by Vestov on the basis of another mod A Bitter Peace (Expanded) by MavercK. Now BP has little to do with these mods in terms of heritage, but nevertheless, without these guys, there was no this mod at all

Thanks for some ideas and text from Edge of Darkness[] for HOI2:Darkest Hour Game

Special thanks for the help in working on a mod for spöKEЛД, Pisiu369, German, 898zero898 and Robo_Warrior

I rarely watch what’s written here. If you have any suggestions, ideas, problems or you just want to know the news of the modification – please join to:

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