German tank equipment + planes

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Author: Rudi Mentär
Last revision: 8 Mar at 17:23 2018 UTC


This mod tries to change german equipment in a historically authentic way for more .

What does this mod (only Germanys equipment):

– Changes all planes graphics, text (incl. subunits)
– Changes all tanks graphics, text (incl. subunits)
– Changes some ships graphics
– Changes mech, mobilized, rocket, jet graphics and text
– Changes infantry equipment text
– Changes at, aa, art guns graphics and text

Subunits used the same pictures as their main units. Now they use their own correct pictures. Some units are not historically correct and new units take their place now.

It is compatible with "Deutsch-Korrektur" mod and maybe other mods which changed german things. It only changes the german equipment. So, use it only with mod which did not changes the german techs!

Addon ************************************
"German Luftwaffen Aces" is now online. It is standalone cause it changes the checksum. Have fun!

Here you go..