State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs – Balkan Nations Mod

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Authors: ProKosovich, ✞ CroatianCrusader ✞
Last revision: 31 Aug at 14:22 2017 UTC


Description and Background

Prior to the end WW1 the states under Au-Hu declared independence which consisted of Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. It failed to get recognition and formed with Serbia which later become known as Yugoslavia (South Slavs)

In an exercise of alternate history. The state survives and continues to 1936. It faces a political conundrum. It must choose between the west, the axis, communists and even allying with Serbia. The choice is up to you. The SHS has claims in the balkans and Istria. How will this affect what path the state goes down? Will it survive?


-Yugoslavia focus tree modified for SHS – Original Mod Here
-Releasable nations
-Bosnia – Tag: BOS
-Slovenia – Tag: SLA
-NDH (Croatia) – Tag: CRO
-Skopje/Macedonia – Tag: SKJ
-All ideologies/flags/politicians included with realistic politicians as leaders.

Leaders and Backstories

Ivan Šubašić
Party: Party of Rights (Stranka Prava)


Ivan Šubašić is for a pro-SHS state with less autonomy and more centralised government in Zagreb. However the state has come to a cross roads of where the SHS will lead and what path it will take. He has not ruled out forming Yugoslavia with more autonomy inside the SHS than what was suggested 18 years prior after the end of the great war.

Srđan Budisavljević
Party: Democratic Party (Demokratska Stranka)


Srđan Budisavljević is a Croatian Serb liberal. In the SHS he wants more autonomy for the people inside their ethnic regions along with equal religious rights. Dismantlement of the SHS is a long term goal to make sure the state ends peacefully.

Josip Broz Tito
Party: League of Communists (Savez Komunista)


Josip Broz Tito is a Croatian communist and to an extent indulged in Yugoslavism. However uniting all south slavs is not his priority due to the already unified state of the SHS with South Slav populations of Croats, Serbs, Bosnians and Slovenes being unified.

Ante Pavelić
Party: Ustaše


Ante Pavelić is a Croatian fascist that saw the SHS as a Catholic authoritarian state. Serbians were considered not compatible to him. His plan was to kill 1/3, expel 1/3 and convert 1/3. The Bosnian Muslims were to be reeducated about their roots and to be converted back to Catholicism.

Minor Goals

-Add ministers to Bosnia and Slovenia ✔
-Create Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia Focus tree (looking unlikely, having issues) ✔ (Croatia Only)
-Potentially expand the SHS focus tree (Next patch should see this)
-Maybe add more states inside SHS such as Herzegovina, Slavonia, Current day Croatia region. ✔
-Add Greater Serbia tree (Unlikely)


– Removed
+ Added
* Changed

Update 1.1

+Ministers/Chiefs of military added in Bosnia, SHS and Slovenia
+Added Slavonia, Bay of Kotor and Herzegovina

Update 1.2

+Added releasable Skopje/Macedonia
*Changed/reduced Slavonia’s provinces
+Added Srem and a one province state of Baranja (Current day Slavonia, owned by Vojvodina in-game)

Update 1.2.1

+Added in Small and Medium flags for Skopje/Macedonia

Update 1.2.2

*Changed Srem to Srijem
*Changed Steam preview pic

Update 1.2.3

+Added ministers to Skopje/Macedonia

Update 1.2.4

+Added field marshal/general South slavic names when assigning a new general
+Added historical Generals/field marshals to Croatia

Update 1.2.5

-Removed Baranja due to issues after it losing ownership after loading save. Now part of Vojvodina again

Update 1.2.6
*Fixed Manchuria
*Fixed the lack of nations added in recent patch(es) in Africa and Europe.
*Changed SHS democratic flag

Update 1.2.7
*Changed how to ‘form Yugoslavia’ focus works. It releases Skopje and adds it to Yugoslavia. Will likely add a follow up focus with invite Bulgaria and Albania next update. (This was suggested after WW2 – Source:

Update 1.3
+Created new state "Serbian Banat"
*Fixed bug where a war would not show SHS-X nation war
+Added new focuses to SHS tree
*Other small changes

Update 1.4
+Many Many More states inside and Outside of Yugoslavia
+Croatian Focus Tree
*Changed SHS focus (And Will continue to do so)
Finally updated to 1.4.1 (Sorry it took so long)
*Serbian flags changed
*Serbia now has Yugoslav leaders – Prince Paul default leader


Suggestions and help are very appreciated.

If you would like to get involved in the further development of the mod or just want to give a suggestion/Idea please do not be afraid to add and message me.