Entre deux Guerres / Between two wars

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Author: =|UTOPIA|= neophyte5
Last revision: 10 May at 19:08 2017 UTC


Warning : This mod is currently in Alpha in 0.3a version. Please consider that like the start of the development of the mod.

This mod places you during the interwar wars at the controls of the country of your choice.
You can start in 1919 and 1924 and you have your all time before the WW2 to prepare for the war. You dispose of special focus trees who are adapted for your needs.When you’re ready, you just have to play the WW2 like a basic party.

Enjoy !

– New Focus Trees ( USA, China, France, Germany, Italy, Soviet Union, Generic )
– New Scenario
– New events
– New executive photographs
– New Leaders
– New National Spirits
– Civil War in Russia and Hungary
– Personalized countries in Scenarios
– Changement of politics of some countries
– Loading screens
– Loading Tips Screens
– Lot of wars
– New ideologies ( Monarchism )
– New Puppets
– Possibility of change your party leader ( in Soviet Union and Germany ) by the Focus Tree
– New buildings
– Supported Languages : English – French – More incoming
– New technologies ( infantry and industry )
– New capital ( Germany )
– Building provides ideologie bonus per day

– New technologies
– New National Spirits
– Continuing the Focus Tree
– New events

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