Formable Nations

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Authors: TheCrafterESP, Kaiser2G
Last revision: 27 Nov at 14:15 UTC


Version 0.23

Updates on Mondays
Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this mod uses ideas which lets the player know the prerequisites for forming each nation. This mod creates an end-game reward for gaining certain territories and allows the player to choose when to form the new nation.

Most formable nations are restricted to certain countries (now there’s an option to remove these restrictions). This mod should work fine with all other mods as long as states aren’t modified.

Formable Nations for TheDa9l


-Be the required country.
-Control all required states.
-Have at least 300 political power.
-Be an independent country.

Advantages of forming a new nation:

-Getting a core in all uncored states required to form the nation + some extra ones.
-A brand new name, flag and map color.
-+10% National Unity.

Available nations:

-Europe (any european country)
-Africa (any african country)
-Großdeutschland (Germany or Austria)
-Latin Union (France, Italy, Romania, Spain or Portugal)
-Chinese Empire (most chinese minors or China)
-Frankish Empire (France or Germany)
-Austria-Hungary (withouth Death or Dishonor)
-Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland or Lithuania)
-Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Austria, Czechia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy or Greece)
-Iberia (Spain or Portugal)
-Kalmar Union/Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Iceland)
-Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordania or Palestine)
-Great Moravia (Czechia or Slovakia)
-Transcaucasia (Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan)
-Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg)
-Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia)
-Central American Federation (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama)
-Hungarian Kingdom for non-DoD players (Hungary)
-Kievan Rus’ (Russia, Ukraine or Belarus)
-Byzantium (Greece)
-Bulgarian Empire (Bulgaria)
-Gran Colombia (Colombia or Venezuela)
-Mexican Empire (Mexico)
-Greater Albania (Albania)
-Balkan Federation (any balkan country, Romania or Hungary)
-Polish-Hungarian Union (Poland or Hungary)
-Roman Empire (Italy or Greece)
-Angevin Empire (United Kingdom)
-Macedonian Empire (Greece)
-South America (any south american country)
-The World (any country)
-Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
-Mongol Empire (Mongolia)
-Greater Israel (Israel)
-China (any chinese minor)
-Mughal Empire (Afghanistan or Pakistan)
-Persian Empire (Iran)
-North Sea Empire (United Kingdom, Denmark or Norway)
-Inca Empire (Peru)
-Greater Finland (Finland)
-Turkestan (Turkey, Sinkiang, Tannu Tuva or Azerbaijan)
-Indochina (Siam/Thailand, Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia)
-Swedish Empire (Sweden)
-Greater Tibet (Tibet)
-Greater Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria or Albania)
-Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
-North America (any north american country)
-Greater Egypt (Egypt)
-Hispaniola (Haiti or Dominican Republic)
-Caribbean (Haiti, Dominican Republic or Cuba)
-Peru-Bolivian Federation (Peru or Bolivia)
-Australasia (Australia or New Zealand)
-Golden Circle (USA or Mexico)
-Maghreb (Lybia)
-Greater Canada (Canada)
-La Plata (Argintina, Uruguay, Paraguay or Bolivia)
-Celtic Union (Ireland)
-Alpine Federation (Austria or Switzerland)

Available Languages:

-English (TheCrafterESP)*
-Spanish (TheCrafterESP)*
-Polish (Polski322)
-German (Kaisergarde)
Chinese (Lazy_nerd)
-Russian (.sharkyangriff)
-French (Sûpreme Thanatos)

*Always up to date

Fully Compatible mods:

-The Road to 56

Known Bugs:

-Unforming a nation does not remove the idea, it needs to be removed manually.
-A nation can be formed unlimited times, even if it’s been already formed.
=Either of these two bugs will be solved (hopefully) with the new decision mechanic.

Special thanks:

SacredScout for making a spotlight of this mod.
Mapper or Gamer for making a spotlight of this mod.
Skullcrusher for helping solve the off screen requisites issue.