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Started this idea once the game was released but never had the chance to share it.
During the new year I re-did this from scratch and mixed up with the ideas I already had and now I was finally able to take it out of the vault and share it. So pardon the dust.

All bonuses given by this tree, despiste not being random, might not be perfectly balanced so all feedback will be welcome. I also would like to remind everyone I’m a total newbie to this so I’ll try to meet your expections.

IRL might stop me from being an active modder but I’ll do my best.
Note: Since this started in 2016 idk how it will fair against the new updates and dlc so good luck!

Version 0.45
-National Focus Tree
-Country Bookmark
-Revamped Advisors, Research and Production & Military Staff (+logos)
-Fascist Flag (Monarchy Flag)

-Take another look at the focus tree and text.
-Rework news and events.

Forum Link: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/1004191/

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