Guns Trucks

Author: McNaughton
Last revision: 25 Mar at 01:55 UTC


A simple modification that creates nation specific icons:

Motorized Trucks
Mechanized Vehicles
Field Artillery
Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Anti-Tank Artillery
Rocket Artillery
Motorized Rocket Artillery

Can be used with most other mods, as it changes Graphics for artillery (AFAIK no other mod is based upon artillery graphics), Localization for only artillery, and icon assignment for artillery. It will work with any mod that does not add or change artillery, and as far as I know it is Multiplayer and Ironman compatible (I believe it only changes things on your computer, no unit stats, new model types, etc.).

Here are some notes upon the mod and decisions made.

1. Minor Nations: Given that most minor nations rarely got beyond fielding antiquated WW1-era field artillery, or basic inter-war anti-tank guns, some creativity had to be done. I uses Swedish or Czech artillery (real, prototype, or paper) to fill this void, as well as likely equipment given most likely alliance (i.e., Hungary gets German Anti-Tank guns).

1. Artillery: Representing Divisional Field Artillery (75mm Field Guns, 100-105mm Field Howitzers). Given that this level of artillery represented the bulk (by a vast amount) of artillery fielded, and just about every nation had field artillery, it makes sense (so no large Corps/Army level Field Guns or Howitzers).

2. Anti-Aircraft: Representing Divisional Anti-Aircraft detachments (20-57mm Automatic Cannons). Given that larger weaponry was rarely deployed beyond defense of Cities, Factories, Ports, Depots and Army/Corps detachments, it makes sense to keep the representation the guns fielded in combat (given how HoI4 primarily represents divisional forces. Heavy Anti-Aircraft artillery is best represented by those you build in your provinces/territories. Yes, this means no FlaK 18… 🙁

3. Rocket Artillery: Very few nations used rockets, with many majors only using it very late in the war (Great Britain used it primarily late 1944, early 1945), means that more creativity is required here as well. Nations use primarily the rockets that they are most likely to be in an alliance with (I know, not optimal). Romania gets German graphics, Belgium gets British. Motorized rockets were even more difficult, with even fewer examples.

This mod is the early basis of a larger, more detailed mod, featuring changes to the Artillery, Armour and Aircraft trees. Eventually a greater range of artillery (Divisional heavy howitzers, Corps/Army heavy field guns, Corps/Army heavy anti-aircraft) will be implemented.

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