The Rise of Kekistan

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Author: arrowdusk
Last revision: 13 Aug at 21:35 2017 UTC


Decently big update just released (change notes for more info)

-work in progress
probably doesn’t work with other country mods
My main focus is Kekistan,
so any other nations i add will be put to playable state but not customized until i fully finish Kekistan

Manual Download
Less updates

Currently in =
Custom Leaders for all Ideologies
Custom starting divisions
Kekistan base flag for all ideologies
Different names for kekistan based on ideology
Fully custom national focus tree for Kekistan (Still updating)
Custom Field Marshals
Kekism starting Ideology (advisor added)

Custom leaders and flags (some to change)
Custom starting divisions
basic focus tree

-Young Turks
Basic Thing

To add =
Better focus tree for Kekistan
Maybe a focus tree for Normistan
Custom Advisors for Kekistan

To Fix =
Young Turks Flags