Nuclear Destruction

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Author: Kuebelwagen
Last revision: 14 Jun at 16:04 UTC


You want to destruct the whole world and are disappointed of the low destruction effect of vanilla nuclear bombs? So check out this mod!

supported version: 1.4
Ironman compatible? no!
will this works with other mods? it should working fine with every other mod (tested with Millenium Dawn, works fine)

What does the mod do?

– Destroying buildings after drop a nuclear bomb (not only damage them anymore)
– Minimalize the national unity effect by dropping nuclear bombs
– Military troops in the target province getting more damage
– Fallout Areas as state categories to simulate a nuclear radiation fallout^
– Every time a nuclear bomb is dropped the view will center to the impact. No more unnoticed bombing.

Notice: If a state has less than 3 Infrastructure and you bomb it, the state will become a new state category called "Fallout Area" which gives the state huge penalties on the buildable slots. In practice you need until 4 nuclear bombs to create this "useless radiation zone".

tags: atomic atom nuclear bomb bombing little boy fat man hiroshima nagasaki oppenheimer end of the world fallout radioactive

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A Variation of my mod disables the Drop Jump Feature: