Additional Japanese map fonts

Author: uberded
Last revision: 2 Mar at 15:22 UTC


Hearts of Iron IV lack many fonts.
In Japanese Mod, etc., these fonts are made by volunteers, but in order for large Mod to correspond to Japanese, fonts may still be insufficient.
In this Mod, in order to deal with those cases, add map fonts essential for using Japanese.
Please use it in the Japaneseization of large Mod.

– how to use –
1. Press "Subscribe" on the page
2. Wait for the Mod to be downloaded
3. After downloading, start Hearts of Iron IV
4. Click "Additional Japanese map fonts" on the Mods tab to activate Mod

– Caution –
Since this Mod changes the Core file, it can not activate Ironman mode. Please disable this Mod when acquireing achievement.
Also, this Mod includes many font data, the load of the game may be high as a result. Please refrain from using this Mod if a significant load occurs.

– Acknowledgments –
In creating this Mod, the below people have cooperated. I am very grateful to them.
· GenShinGothic: Homemade Font Studio
· Information provision: w.mikan

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