Black ICE Submod Expanded Luftwaffe

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Author: Not Paladin
Last revision: 17 Jul at 21:14 2017 UTC


Welcome to V1.1! This version is 1.4.x and BICE 2.4 compatible.

49 Aircraft in no particular order;
Bf 109TL, Ho 229, Me P.1099, Me 262T Me 262 HG III, Me P.1101, Ta 183, Ta 283, Do 335, Do 435, He 219, Bv 155, Fw 187, Ar 240, Ar 440, Ta 154, Ta 254, He 280, He 162, Hs 132, FW 189, Do 17 M, Z-3, Z-7, Z-10, Do 215, Do 317, Bv 141 A, Bv 141 B, He 111 E, He 111J, Ar 234 A, Ar E.555, Bv 138 A, B, C, Bv 238, Ha 137, Bv 237, Do 18 D, G, Fw 261, Ta 400, Prop and Jet versions, He 277, Me 264, Ju 390 C, Ho XVIII A, B.

And a redesigned tech tree to accomodate all of these new aircraft. The ai is not designed to produce several of the prototypes and one-offs, but should produce the vast majority of these aircraft. Let me know if there are any errors.

The Future

I plan on introducing asmany prototype and other lesser known aircraft as possible, while keeping the mod functional and compatible with BICE. The aircraft in it are not "better" unless I screwed up their stats. Rather, they’re functional. You can use them, or not use them as you see fit.