Hearts of Ice and Fire – a Game of Thrones mod

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Authors: JackAlNXT, We Do Not Sow
Last revision: 19 Jan at 13:59 UTC


A total conversion (IN PROGRESS) that aims to modernise the world of Game of Thrones and bring it into the world of HoI4. Mod is now in version 0,3 ‘The Red Wedding’.

Version 0.4 ‘Mhysa’ will come shortly after vanilla 1.5 patch is released.


Scenario 1: A Game of Thrones

The year is 1936 and nearly twenty years have passed since Robert’s Rebellion overthrew the Mad King and established a new order in Westeros, however times are changing. House Lannister is becoming more power-hungry by the day while House Stark seeks to maintain order from within the North. House Martell has not forgotten the atrocities of the rebellion, House Arryn is content with remaining neutral while House Tyrell is eager to get in the fight. With so much chaos, the only people who can truly keep things together are King Robert I Baratheon and Hand of the King Jon Arryn. Should something happen to them, Lord knows what will happen to the Seven Kingdoms…

Scenario 2: A Feast for Crows

In the last few years the world has seen some major events break out in Westeros. King Joffrey now has complete control over the realm, supported by the Lannisters and the Tyrells. Roose Bolton has been declared Warden of the North and is keeping the other houses under control with an iron fist. With the Stark family fleeing to Skaagos the only glimmer of resistance comes from the remaining Tully rebels in the Riverlands. Whatever happens next will surely be bad news for the rest of Westeros.

Playable nations: House Lannister, House Stark, House Tyrell, House Tully, Principality of Dorne, House Baratheon, Vale of Arryn, The Crownlands, Night’s Watch, Free Folk, House Greyjoy, House of Stannis Baratheon, House Bolton, House Karstark, House Mormont, The Free Cities, Craster’s Keep and more…