Youjo Senki V1

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Authors: Omry, Kami
Last revision: 17 Jun at 17:06 2017 UTC


Youjo Senki

This mod brings the anime we all love, Youjo Senki, into the world of Hearts of Iron IV.
I’m not going to follow the same route as the anime nor the manga, as i’m going to add some cool alternative paths to play with.
I know there are other mods like this, but they are no longer updated and/or in another language.

I’m planning to release new updates every week, and so I’ll be glad to recieve help with suggestions/bug reports.

CURRENT VERSION: Youjo Senki V1.2 (17.6.17) —>

Information about what’s new in every update is in the changelog section of the mod.


Credit to Micteca for letting me use some of his flags, really appreciate it!
Credit to the Youjo Senki Wikia[], they know a lot of things about the Youjo Senki world!