PFU Multiplayer Rebalance Mod

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Author: Des
Last revision: 22 Feb at 21:47 UTC


Version: 4.5


News ~ I will be redoing this mod from scratch come the new DLC and update, with a full changelog on google documents for everyone who’s been asking.

This mod was created for requested balance and to add historical content to Multiplayer games. I’ve spent about 600 hours adding content, and improving/smoothening out the base game as much as i can, if you enjoy the mod please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions, ideas, complaints, or bugs please post them below in the comments or add me as a friend.

Note: This mod is made for a very specific Rule Set[]/group of players & and is NOT compatible with non english game versions, or any other non cosmetic mods. If you would be interested in playing this mod, we host regularly on


-Improved AI, not only for base mechanics but for PFU changes, focuses & events. 43%
-Improving game stability, smoothening out existing focuses, events, and general gameplay. 85%
-Every event with colorized and historical photos. 45%
-Smoothening out gameplay for smaller sessions of players (playing with ai minors). 65%
-Alt history event chain for Germany if they beat the Soviet Union so the game can continue. 90%
-Some basis for a cold war through events and proper scenarios. 68% (Just a fun side project)

Main Features:
  1. Starting industry rebalanced for all nations, along with events and idea changes to implement early game initiative to axis, while slowely being out produced by the allies mid-late game, something that simply doesn’t happen in vanilla.
  2. Focus trees for every playable nation according to PFU rulesets, BUL,FIN,SWE,SIA,SPA,CHI,PHI,NOR,IRE.
  3. More realistic and dynamic combat and units. Slower speed of infantry & tanks, infantry have slightly more breakthrough, tanks have slightly more defense, slower org loss, snaking has been nerfed ect.
  4. Improved map with a more realistic No Mans Land With additions of Swiss Alps, Gobi desert, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Australia. Useless one province minors have been merged. (Luxembourg to Belgium, Tannu Tuva to USSR ect which helps alot with late game lag.)
  5. Historicaly unique custom Aircraft, naval and armor designers for all major nations.
  6. Added numerous new historical events, aswell as forcing most vanilla events and focuses to historical, or semi historical routes to avoid cancer. (eg Alliance with USSR, Rhineland event, Danzig for Slovakia, marco pollo bridge ect.)
  7. Improved naval combat by making subs more effeciant, doomstacks not as effective, carrier deathstack and overcrowding fixed, buffed destroyers and made a balanced fleet by screening capital ships more vital.
  8. Rebalanced tech bonuses for many majors and minors, no more British spitefuls in 1940, German panthers in 1939, Italian & Soviet moderns in 1941 ect.
  9. Many basic multiplayer rules hard coded into game, such as level 5 forts, and no coups.
  10. Weather & Attrition reworked, snow, mud, desert, jungle & city terrain now gives more & unique penalties.
  11. Many quality of life changes, such as reorganized focus trees, starting airforce and navy for all majors in one spot at start of game.
  12. About 25-30% faster game speed with smoothening out many starting aspects of the game and Ai countries.
  13. And much much more, ran out of space originally in the description, so working on putting together a full detailed list of changes on a google document in the near future.
Incorporated Mods:

More Divisions Icons

Strategic View Adjustments

Non Reflective Water

Guns & Trucks

Small Arms & Uniforms

Jaeger Units

Battle Sounds <Removed useless♥♥♥♥♥♥

Historical Flags (No Link)