Non Plus Ultra – An Alternate History

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Author: Herr-Doktor Dire
Last revision: 26 Apr at 09:46 UTC


A divergent 1920s in which the Greco-Turkish War, Rif War and Russian Civil had different outcomes. Beta is still beta.

Highlights include;
~ Strong democratic Morocco.
~ Powerful Greece in the Allies.
~ Militant communist France.
~ Various Spanish successor states both independant and within French, Portuguese or Moroccan spheres of influence.
~ Stronger Ethiopia spared Italy’s immediate attention as Algiers is a juicer conquest closer to home.
~ Restored Mali Empire, and an sub-Saharan Africa which is being heavily reworked. New tiles. New rivers. More diverse tileset.
~ Heavily reworked Spain with more victory points, new tiles, more diverse tiles, more states and more strategic regions.
~ More interesting and diverse Caucasus and Middle East.
~ More interesting defensible mountains in many locales with impass strips which funnel attacks and create chokepoints and deadends.
~ Various quality of life improvements such as the Azores and Canary islands being expanded from single provinces into linked island chains.
~ New brigade types for certain powers (e.g. Rural Militia for Free Territory, which requires less infantry equipment but has low organisation and is specialized specifically for operating in forest, plains and hills.)
~ New ship type, the Torpedo Boat. Cheap, speedy, evasive and torpedo heavy; lacking in most other regards. Glass cannon zerg unit which can more or less engage on its own terms due to its ability to disengage.
~ New leader traits such as Vanguard, Panzer Detractor, Poor Planner, Logistics Incompetent and Lemming terrain debuff traits.
~ Constantly growing focus trees (that’s another way of saying they have a long way to go).

Todo list;
~ More and better focus trees.
~ More ship types. Gunboats? Auxilary cruisers/Q-Ships? Cruiser Submarine? Midget Submarine? Submarine Battleship? Seaplane Tender? Lot of possibilities.
~ More portraits, armies, ideas, technology/equipment customization, generals etc. etc.
~ New Brigade types. Some country specific, some not, The former potentially upgraded through focus trees with unique cases like the SS, Stormtroopers, Home Guard, Papal Swiss Guard… etc, etc, whatever. I’ll also try to implement something along the lines of that Special Forces mod with Urban Shock troops, jungle troops and desert troops. Maybe even Cavalry variants?
~ New Terrain tile types? Possibly even with accordingly fresh map scenery. Combined with lemming traits this could really make fighting in different areas more diverse/give more meta advantages to defenders in intercontinental wars. It is something I’m interested into considering. If I ever get to this, stealing assets from EUIV and adding some of those wonders to the map might be a thing. I don’t know enough to say if its possible, but its certainly something I’ve very much wanted for a long time.
~ Once I add in gunboats I might experiment with opening up inland lakes, and waterbodies like the caspian sea for naval combat. If I could set up canals that only allow access from gunboats… It could be interesting. Haven’t actually got adding canals down yet, but I have made progress last time I tried.