Equestria at War

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Authors: Featherus, Fal-San, Psody, Yard1PL, MrScroup, Lil Penpusher, Cyrus
Last revision: 11 Sep at 21:51 UTC


Equestria at War

is a mod that tries to recreate the fantasy world of Equestria from My Little Pony franchise in a slightly darker setting with industrialization, corruption and political disagreements. The scenario focuses on global confrontation between Changelings and Equestria.

✢ Pleasant My Little Pony fantasy setting
✢ New custom map based on the My Little Pony Universe
✢ Over 40 immersive focus trees, allowing for many possibilities
✢ Expanded technology trees. Extended tech branches, magical equipment
✢ New technology trees with racial and magical abilities of the fantasy races
✢ Hundreds of events and event chains
✢ All new artwork created for the mod and art from across the My Little Pony fandom
✢ Ponyfied UI

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Now featuring its own optional music mod!

♔"Windmill" 1.2♔

As the Griffonian Emperor’s health begins to fail, the Grand Duchy of Feathisia stands strong. Guided by Gerlach IV Weijermars, the nation has known a time of peace and prosperity as a constitutional monarchy. However, with economic instability rocking the nation and with concerns about their overlord mounting, the citizens of Feathisia might just break up the centrist coalition that rules them and search for a new solution. Will harmony and nobility be able to defend the nation against a resurgent Empire or will one of the radical parties be brought into power to save the Grand Duchy?

As the unstable Wingbardian Kingdom decides its own fate, the neighbouring Principality of Falcor watches on. Will they preserve their way of life, or will they turn to drastic measures to keep the Wingbardian radicals from taking over their nation?

In the barren north, an ancient story enters a new chapter. In the Dread Lands, dark magic incantations can be heard from Magehold. As Rosa Maledicta plans her Dark Crusade, the Arcturian Order rallies to face her undead forces. Who will win the mythic conflict between good and evil? Either way, both sides have new plans for the future.

❈ New focuses, events and flavour for countries:
– Feathisia
– Falcor
– Dread League
– Arcturian Order
❈ New art and bugfixes
❈ New UI features

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Supported Languages:

Plans for the next update:
ㅇRiver Federation focus tree
ㅇMuch more

Thanks to every volunteer, scripters and writer who are supporting the development of the mod.

This isn’t a finished mod. Many nations do not feature unique generals or advisors. And while we have religiously tested the mod, balance issues, bugs and oversights are to be expected. Please, help the mod by reporting any issues you encounter.

The mod is open for suggestions on advisors, generals, country leaders, country flags, victory points and state names and much more.

The mod includes pictures from several artists, taken without their permission of usage. But if you are unhappy with it, please send a note to one of the contributors on steam or on the discord server.

If anyone wants to participate in the development, directly suggest something or just chat and play MP games, join this discord server. [discord.gg]

The guide blow will help you install the mod manually, if you want to do so.
ModDB page
Google Drive [drive.google.com]
1. Download the equestria.zip archive, following the ‘Manual Download’ link above
2. Go to C:Users<username>DocumentsParadox InteractiveHearts of Iron IVmod
2.5. If the ‘mod’ folder doesn’t exist, create it
3. Place the contents of the downloaded equestria.zip archive into the mod folder.
4. Equestria at War mod will appear in Hearts of Iron IV launcher.

If you still have problems, check out this installation guide