Pax Britannica

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Authors: Clawstrider, New Grestin, 50nifty, Idaho, Insaeldor, :3
Last revision: 16 Aug at 02:18 UTC


“Were you to read the British press today, you would learn that the British Empire never forgets its defeats.”
– Robert Trout

The year is 1936, and once more the world stands at the brink of war. For centuries, the British Empire has dominated the planet from London. She rules dominions from the Americas to the furthest reaches of the azure Pacific. All is not well in the world, however. The First Great War has shattered Europe, bringing the continent’s mighty empires to their knees in the trenches of France. Though the Entente would eventually defeat the Germans, it would come at a terrible cost.

In the years since the war, the world has come to an uneasy peace after the revolutions of the Interwar period. Germany, having been defeated, collapsed into an ideological civil war not long after their defeat. Austria has fallen to the clutches of the Ultranationalist Fatherland front, seeking to restore the might and honor of the fallen Central Powers. As time creeps forward, it has become apparent to many that a last, final showdown will soon come, and that a Second Great War is on the horizon.

Will the British be able to protect the light of European democracy? Will the Austrians be able to reclaim their national honor? Will the bickering German states finally take up arms for reunification?

Nothing can be said for sure, only that the Pax Britannica is about to come to a screeching halt.

Welcome to Pax Britannica, an Alternate-History mod for Hearts of Iron 4.

This mod takes place in the aftermath of a failed American Revolution and the effect this has on the next century. With the British Empire having never lost their holdings in the Americas, the world has become quite a different place. This mod intends to create a unique, interesting alternate history scenario for both online and offline play.

– Please be aware that this is the foundation build of the mod, and is therefore very barebones and potentially unstable. We’re constantly working on improving and catching known issues as they arise.

– While techically not required, it is recommended that you have all DLCs active while playing.

– Focus Trees for the United Kingdom, Austrian Reich, Republic of China, Japanese Empire, Denmark and Finland
– New Generic Focus Tree
– New Ideologies
– New Events for Ideology Changes
– New Nations

– Focus Trees for all Major/Minor Nations
– New Events
– New Advisors
– New Mechanics

– Focus Trees and Events for the French Empire, Russian Governate, German States
– Bug Fixes & General Cleanup

– Minor issues with Vanilla content potentially overwriting modded.
– Other potentially unforeseeable bugs.

– Wilfred Laurier
– Alby
– Imperial Idaho
– 50Nifty
– Sarejo
– Insaeldor
– Luey
– Clawstrider
– Zod
– Rod
– Chillhawk
– Sivankar

Credit to ThePinkPanzer for GFX resources.

Credit to Indyclone for GFX Work and Resources

Credit to Spaceraider for GFX Work

Want to join the team? How about tell us how historically inaccurate the lapels are on Hitler’s suit? You can do both on the Pax Britannica public discord!