-Sekai Project-

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Author: iCeFrEnZy
Last revision: 8 Mar at 19:36 UTC


What is this?

Well to put it into simple terms its an anime portrait mod for Hearts of Iron. It simply replaces all portraits, some event pictures, and loading screens and yes it is compatible with alot of gameplay mods. No changes were done to history files so it should work properly.

Future Plans

– Incorporate Road to 56 (Ongoing)
– Replace most if not all event pictures (Ongoing)
– Replace minister portraits (Pending)
– Continue Support for future update and DLCS (Continous)

Recent Updates

– Test Update for 1.5.
– Added some new portraits for the DLC (Incomplete).
– Added some graphical interface changes that are anime themed.
– Added additional custom Event Photos with anime origins/themes
– Added more custom Event Photos with anime origins/themes
– Replaced Stalin and Trotsky with different new portraits.
– Minor portrait replacers on generic European portraits.
– Finished all portraits for Together for Victory DLC
– Added missing portraits from the update with the DLC
– Replaced Fascist French Leader with a new portrait.
– (Road to 56 Only) Replaced African Algerian leaders.
– Replaced Generic Asia and European leaders with new ones (Backgrounds Flags more like South American ones)
– Implemented missing Hungarian Portraits and removed duplicated portraits.
– (Road to 56 Only) Finished Belgium portraits.
– (Road to 56 Only) Finished France portraits.


-Q: Why though?
-A: Simply put I didn’t really like the other animes mods so I made my own.

-Q: Will this work with(out) any DLC?
-A: Yes it should work, you will only miss some portraits and loading screens if you dont have some DLCS.

-Q: Will you incorporate this with other mods?
-A: I’m currently working on Incorporating Road to 56 so I might do other mods if I find the time and interest.

-Q: Will you replace/remove XYZ portrait?
-A: Most likely no since as stated above, it is a personal taste mod so sorry!

-Q: Where did you get the art assets for this?
-A: As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t remember all the places I went to find the art asset nor the resptive authors so sorry about that and sorry especially to the artists!

-Q: How long did this take to make?
-A: A really…long…time…

Disclaimer: I do not own any art assets and have only edited them to my own liking. Therefore, I do not claim any ownership of any of the art assets used in this mod.