Battlesound – Compatability Version

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Author: Tekoa
Last revision: 8 Mar at 18:46 UTC


Ironman & Multiplayer Compatible! (Does NOT change checksum)

Normal Version:

WHAT IS THIS VERSION? This version is a compatability version, designed to work with mods that add or change any 3D Models. An example of a mod that does this, is the Great War mod. With this version, you will no longer see any GFX conflicts on the map. The trade off is that this mod will not include any unique sounds (like the M1 Garand clip ejecting), because to do that I must alter a GFX file, which causes conflicitions with other mods (That change models).

NOTE: If you want to incorporate my sound mod into your own mod, let me know. My request is that you at least transform the mod in some way, by adding noticeably different sounds, or something of that nature (I’m not requiring this, but it would be greatly appreciated). And of course, you credit me. I’m glad so many of you want to use these sounds in your own mods, thanks for the interest!

This mod changes nearly every sound that plays during an animation. My goal was to take clips of audio from various games, as well as create some myself to increase the overall intesity and gritty feel of the Second World War. Weapon discharges and explosions now give off an emphatic echo, immersing you in your current combat situation.

This mod should be compatible with every mod that DOES NOT include custom 3D Models. If you are unsure of whether or not a mod is compatible, try it for yourself, and please don’t ask me.

-Adds new sounds to nearly every combat animation

Check out my Day of Infamy sound mod! (Rest in peace)

Thanks to my sources:
Battlefield 1
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (Vanilla + RobZ Realism [Thanks RobZ!])
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes 2
Arma 3
Day of Infamy
(No ripped sounds, just using certain resources)

Thanks to Audacity as well, used it to put together all these sounds.

I read all of my comments by the way, let me know if you have any issues or if you have a suggestion.