Shin-Ra Rising Full Version

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Author: Asier
Last revision: 8 Jun at 15:53 UTC


This is the full version of the mod. —Actual version 0.7.6—
**************UPDATED TO 1.5.3 Latest****************


Somewhere on the south area of Nationalist China, a military manufacturer known as Shin-Ra Inc has emerged and claimed territory for it’s own. The shin-ra company has discovered a powerfull power source called MAKO Energy, with that they made a powerfull army and researched advanced technology, noone knows this secret and now they are about to conquer the world, will you help them, destroy them or be them?, May this Country change the course of War and the world?.

Other mayor events:
1933 Rebellions: New countries will emerge on Africa and Asia over time due to rebellions.

-(alternate)India Independency Civil War event to England with 3 options.
-Philippines Independent Act Event with 3 ways to go for USA, Annex it, Liberate it or continue Puppeting it.

more to come.
this mod its still very WIP so don’t spect too much atm 🙂

also this is my first mod on Hearts of iron 4 and still learning.

ONLY Playable on English.

please report any bugs or problems you encounter, i did 2 1945 test games and found nothing relevant but there may be something.

-not compatible (not fully tested try at own risk) with mod that add new techs units etc or mayor conversions/overhauls like black ice and Millenium dawn.

-IMPORTANT: Waking the Tiger Dlc most probably break the mod, i will try to make it compatible in future.

– if you have problems with UI set 0.7 on the UI scaling settings and up your resolution.

-NOT TESTED WITH DLCs, some content may not work due to them.
For mod compatible version (not tested with mayor mods):
Lite version 0.2.5 (the last lite version):


I ONLY SUPPORT STEAMWORKSHOP AND MODDB downloaded mod issues, if you got it from other site it’s your problem,I have not given any permission to reupload to anyone.


Paradox Forums mod page:

altenative download:

HOI 4 moddb page(can take a while to be updated):

Actual Features as of version 0.7.6(latest):
For changelog see patch notes under Mod Picture.

-New Country: Shinra Company.
-New focus tree for shinra (still wip, but nearly finished).
-New ideas (ministers etc) for Shinra.
-New Commanders/marshals for shinra.
-New Resource: Materia used for new units & equipments.
-New Equipments & Units for shinra.
-New Equipments & Units for all countries, including new ships.
-Extended all equipments up to 1950.
-New tech tab & techs, exclusive for shinra.
-New techs for all countries.
-Extended techs up to 1950.
-Start date its now 1933.
-New loading screens.
-New intro music.
-New songs (12 atm).
-Some leaders adjusted for the new start date, 1933 with events to replace them on time.
-90 new posible events including news events & liberation of some countries.
-New events with short sound & music when activated. (wip)
-9 national spirits for Shinra.
-Basic 1933 oob for shinra.
-Oob for early Reinforcement.
-Changed city and state names of the shinra main province.
-Retextured Shinra units: Shinra infantry,Deepground soldiers, Shinra mountainners,Shinra marines,Shinra paratroopers,motorized,mechanized,heavy tank,medium tank and light tank models.
-Fixed the Hovering Rocket bug,now it dissapears when hit the target province instead of keep hovering over it forever.
-Now all liberated countries are given some factories and arms factories to start.

Future plans:
-Complete the focus tree.
-New ideas.
-Add new equiment.
-Add new techs.
-New events.
-New Oobs.
-Translate to spanish (in far future)

thanks for trying. any ideas,suggestion,bugs or comments please leave them here .

Known issues 0.7:
-Playing on -debug mode gives an irrelevant error, just go back ingame.(why are you playing on debug mode? i don’t known 🙂 )
-cannot start a new game and you get on edit mode? alt tab fix this issue usually.
-Some News events may repeat after a load a new game on the same game sesion, nothing major. (restart game before starting a new game fixes it)
-The back button on the country selection lobby dont work, i cant find the cause but im on it, there is a workaround by selecting select other country and then going back to menu.

-Do not reupload
-You are able to do translation prior to asking me and providing me a link to your translation to be added here.

Want to help? add me on steam or PM on Paradox Forums.

need someone with some experience on 3d modelling to make the graphical set.
also looking for ideas for events etc, if you want to write some events for the mod contact me too.

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