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Author: Julio
Last revision: 5 Dec at 19:24 UTC


A cute mod that aims to add new stuff to Road to 56
This mod is also a little compilation of other mods but my part of work is nearly even to the work of the mod authors.
Im not only making here listed mods compatible with each other but also add new things and rework the mods.
Rt56 is required to play this mod, also I recommend the expanded resources mod to play with this mod because I made it compatible with this mod.

In this mod following mods are used, I credit most of the work to the mod authors :
The Ratte
Expanded Industry
DiDay’s Common Units of WW II

In the moment the mod adds following things :
The "Ratte" a incredibly heavy german tank with artillery, anti-tank and anti-air version.
A new part in the industry tech tree : "Heavy Industry".
So called "Armored Infantry" which has hardness and consumes a new equipment type called "Armor Equipment".
Units from the mod DiDay’s Common Units of WWII.

Will be added soon :
pictures for the "armored Infantry"
pictures for the "Heavy Industry"
a better version of the current "Armored Infantry"
more additions (new mods)

If you having trouble with the mod, please post it in the "bugs&crashes" discussion

Required items:
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