Recommonwealth of 5 Nations – no Romania

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Author: Revan
Last revision: 30 Aug at 15:29 2017 UTC


Alternate History mod, presenting something in common to the united Intermarium, but established much earlier.

This is Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian-Bohemian-Hungarian Commonwealth, based on the further evolution of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth into larger union of central and eastern European countries.

This version is Commonwealth of 5 nations, but with independent Romania. In this timeline, Romania never becomes a part of Hungarian Crown, never being conquered, annexed or acquired, or by successfully rebelling (Not entirely successfully, as the eastern part of the country is still under Hungarian rule), or by being given independence by the Commonwealth, under pressure by League of Nations.

Here, Commonwealth holds largely Slavic Bucovina and still claims northern parts of Romania – Bessarabia and Moldova, though seemingly giving up on southern part, Vallachia. But for long?

This version of Recommonwealth offers slightly less overpowered country, and a bit more possibilities for the player.


Mod was inspired by and constructed on the base of Ned Ludd is alright’s Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – 1619 mod. Thank you.