Recommonwealth of 5 Nations

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Author: Revan
Last revision: 30 Aug at 15:29 2017 UTC


Alternate History mod, presenting something in common to the united Intermarium, but established much earlier.

This is Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian-Bohemian-Hungarian Commonwealth, based on the further evolution of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth into larger union of central and eastern European countries.

This version is Commonwealth of 5 nations, united into a single country. In this timeline Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth never fell, but grew, forming unions with friendly neighboring countries and accumulating more and more power, eventually becoming a Hegemon of Central and Eastern Europe. It’s vast borders lie from Baltic to Black sea, from Oder river to Danube and Dnepr, and I think it’s justified. I believe it’s quite possible that if this country would ever be formed, it would be within it’s ability to capture and hold all these lands, many of which were never part of corresponding countries historically, were lost to other country at some point in the past, or were claimed as rightful possessions. Though we may never know how it would actually play out.

At this point, the lands of the Commonwealth unite 5 brotherly Nations:

Crown of Poland, including Hiterpommern and Prussia.

Crown of Bohemia, including Silesia (contested with Poland).

Crown of Hungary, including Slovakia (contested with Bohemia) and Romania

Great DuchyPrincedom of Lithuania, including Livonia (Baltic states), White Ruthenia (Belarus), Smolensk and Pskov.

Great DuchyPrincedom of Ruthenia, including all of Ukraine, and recently conquered Orel, Kursk and Belgorod.

This Version of Commonwealth is of course ridiculously overpowered, but at the same time the most Vanilla-breaking version, since it includes many countries, key for Vanilla events. Other versions after this one will go down in power, and allow different opportunities for the player.

It’s so badass, that it still claims all Soviet border territories after last war, while Soviets claim most of border Commonwealth states as well. Germany also claims Hinterpommern, Danzig, Prussia and Lower Silesia.

And bear in mind. This is just a game.

To do list:

More Versions of the Recommonwealth, tweaks of existing ones.

Possible tag change for Commonwealth, with Proper Poland, Lithuania, Bohemia, Ruthenia and Hungary Nations, instead of existing Lithuania, Hungary, Belarus, Czechoslovakia and Ukraine. Proper flags, cores, and all.

Proper National Focus Tree for Commonwealth (Some day)
Proper National Focus Trees for Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania (Heh)


Mod was inspired by and constructed on the base of Ned Ludd is alright’s Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – 1619 mod. Thank you.